Nursing and Memory

Not long ago I had the chance in my English II class to listen to a podcast on radio lap about memory and forgetting . Here you can listen to podcasts on memory because becoming a nurse we need a sharp memory and not forgetting things when it come to caring for others.

The time has come and all the hard work, but you have made it and you are now a working RN nurse. By the time you get your first RN job you realize that your brain has had to remember a lot and retain a lot over the past few years and now you are working with patients and decisions you make could be life or death, you are going to want to keep your mind clear as possible when working you owe that to your patients. Stress and nursing don’t go together and we all know that life throws us curves all the time so balancing home life and work life is not easy for most RN nurses.

In doing some research on this topic I found that most all agree that nutrition has a lot to do with brain function and memory.So eating a healthy diet is a start. Exercise was the next thing that I found, keeping the body in shape helps keep the mind in shape, They also mention limiting the use of alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs will also help keep your mind sharp when on the job working. Next I found that making notes so you can recall them later is also good.The one thing that I found was that there are memory notebooks of nursing which use visual images to help increase memory so we can be better nurses. Not long ago when I spent the day with a RN in the hospital I notice that most nurses used computers to input information on their patients and some all had a small notebook, So when it come down to it you need to be able to make informed decisions with a clear mind your patient’s life depend on it.

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Author: breanna mcneece

I'm a 18 year old student at butte community college studying to become a child delivery nurse. I am the youngest of 5, i have one sister and three brothers. i come from a long line of nurses in my family. my grandma was the person that inspired me the most, she was a nurse for over 20 years and helped in a lot of hospitals. i'm gonna to take you guys on a journey about the different types and staging of nursing from whats required of you as a nurse and what education it takes for certain leaves of nursing. In my family there are many different leaves of nurses. so, i will have first hand information to be able to share with you guys on this blog. i will be writing about everything from IHSS (in home support services), CNA( California nursing assistants), LVN ( licensed vocational nurse), RN( registered nurse). I will also be writing about different classification within each licences. I myself am staring on a path to becoming a registered nurse with the classification of being a delivery nurse, were i will assist the doctor after the baby is born and help the mother with her new born child. None of my family members have ever worked in delivery rooms with newborns, so I am hoping to become the first delivery nurse of our family. It has been a long time dream of mine to work with newborn baby's and there mothers. For the past three years I have worked at a daycare center where i have worked with children from the ages of two years old to twelve years old but my dream has always been to work with newborn babies. So come along with me on this journey and learn a little bit about me, my family and all the thing about becoming a nurse. From what my family has told me nursing is a very rewarding career.

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